With traffic being one of the major contributors to our current climate crisis, we need to change how we transport ourselves and our stuff. But how and what do we change and in which way? How do you envision the future of traffic, and how does the person next to you? What do you need from traffic so that traffic serves you well?

These are some of the questions that we try to answer in a EU-supported project called Dynamic Mobility Nudge (DyMoN) together with researchers and organisations from Austria, Germany and Sweden.


Our role in the project focuses on the use of co-creation and innovation methods in this research project. We develop and conduct workshops to work out the user needs for the future of traffic in cities.

News & Events

Think Tank 1: Future of Traffic

4th November, 17:00 – 18:30, Zoom
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Consortium Meeting

9th November

Dynamic Mobility Nudge: Shaping sustainable urban mobility behaviour with real-
time, user-generated and public open data

DyMoN will provide a solid conceptual and empirical understanding of the potential of combining real-time user- generated and publicly available environmental and transport data with nudging methods for promoting sustainable urban mobility behaviours. The project will investigate how to design effective nudging strategies, while ensuring the privacy of citizens and inclusivity of smart cities. DyMoN focuses on active mobility in Salzburg (Austria) and Uppsala (Sweden), considering also areas of larger cities such as Frankfurt (Germany).

The DyMoN nudging framework will be co-created in a multi-actor participatory approach, tested and evaluated to advance scientific knowledge and provide guidance for city stakeholders. The envisaged main project results are

– the intervention framework based on data-driven, situation-aware methods (nudge repository and handbook);

– proof of concept demonstration and, based on it, policy recommendations/briefing on appropriate digital nudging for sustainable urban mobility;

– knowledge transfer to researchers and practitioners in this emerging discipline (scientific publications, research summer school, virtual workshops).

The project consortium encompasses the required in-depth expertise in behavioural research, co-creation, urban mobility planning, geo-informatics, data-driven models and simulation. The overall aim of the partnership and confirmed stakeholder support is paving the way towards the next generation of urban sustainable mobility policies, strategies and data-driven solutions.

Read more about DyMoN on dymon.eu.


Transnational co-creation panel of young advisors

Within the DyMoN project we are creating a transnational co-creation panel of young advisors from project partners’ and other countries to amplify the voices of younger generations in the development of traffic in Europe’s cities. Participants will have the chance to apply to become a member of this panel.

What’s the purpose?

We want to create a space where young citizens can be involved in the shaping of the future of traffic in Europe. This means that you brainstorm ideas together in our Think Tanks and give feedback to the project group during the group meetings.

What’s your investment?

The project is scheduled until 2024 but we ask for your commitment only for 6 months at a time because we know how fast life can change. You’d be expected to join the majority of the upcoming 4 think tanks before April 2022 and a Consortium Meeting which happens twice a year.

What will you get out of it?

As we already said, you have an opportunity to contribute to the future of traffic in the EU. This is also an excellent opportunity to network with fellow citizens both in this panel but also in the big international project group. You will gain experience from being part of a large research project, and have a chance to grow outside of university.

How to you join?

Are you interested in traffic, sustainability, psychology, transformation or the future? We are looking for people living in Europe who are between 15 and 39 years old and speak English fluently.

Apply now!

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